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Dev. Team @ CIDR

The CIDR developer team supports scholarship through long-term collaborations with faculty on development projects, one-off assistance with specific, small-scale technical tasks, and through teaching workshops and participating in consulting. The long-term development projects ideally advance not only the research in question, but also contribute to expanding the infrastructure and methods of the digital humanities and computational social sciences more generally.

A development project typically consists of approximately four intervals of concentrated work, or “sprints”, run consecutively or separated by dormant periods. After an initial evaluation period where the scholarly questions presented by the PI are considered in light of digital artifacts and data, as well as applicable computational or visualization techniques, early sprints tend to involve data preparation, technology prototyping and interface design. Subsequent sprints allow for iterative implementation of the core analytical and interface components, while later sprints focus on deploying and publicizing results, archiving key outputs, and eventual transfer of the completed project materials to the faculty investigators.

Brief Statements of Interest (around 1 page) are accepted and reviewed by the CIDR team on a rolling basis, within one month of receipt. The CIDR team is available for consultation with faculty proponents in order to make early-stage assessments of project scope, fitness for the CIDR developer skill set and overall portfolio, compatibility with technology infrastructures at Stanford or from third-party sources, and other technical aspects of the project. Faculty members who are interested in working with CIDR are encouraged to get in touch at for a conversation about goals, needs, and timelines before putting in an application. You can find the guidelines for the most recent CFP in this document.