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Embedded Research Support @ CIDR

The embedded research support program, including such roles as Academic Technology Specialists and Digital Scholarship Coordinators, provides a jointly funded staff position to participating departments. These staff have an academic background aligned with their partner department, knowledge about the data science / digital scholarship landscape of their field, and deep technical expertise. Being embedded in their partner department gives staff an “on-the-ground” view of the needs of the department, allowing them to build long-term working relationships with faculty and students. These staff often teach courses within their departments, and collaborate with scholars in their department on scholarship projects, community building around computational techniques, publications and more.

While embedded research support staff are responsible for addressing the day-to-day needs of their department, they can bring more complex projects to the broader CIDR team for consultation and assistance with technical challenges, exploration of tools or techniques, and when appropriate, be considered for adoption as a long-term CIDR development project.